Ray Maynard is a very professional auctioneer. He conducts the auctions with the most respect for sellers as well as buyers. His crew is great and professional. Would recommend him for any auction.Mike Goodsell Manheim / Moto Exotica

Maynard’s Auction Service conducted two auctions for our family and both were handled very professionally and were a great success.Peggy Kenyon

Maynard’s Auction Service is very reputable and conducts auctions just as it was planned. He sold all my equipment and real estate. Would recommend very highly if you need an auction.Dave Lovell / Bolivar Auto Body

We used Maynard’s Auction Service to sell my mother and father’s estate. Would recommend to anyone if you need an auction service, use Ray Maynard.Sheryl Herrold

“Remember, a successful auction doesn’t just happen – It’s planned that way!”